H&M and Iran on Twitter

18 06 2009

The power of social media is strong!

Today I was making my way home through Milanese streets crowded with demonstrators protesting on behalf of Iran. Understanding how Twitter was quite instrumental in the organization and publicity of these demonstrations worldwide, I was not surprised to find a large number of Tweets in my feed referring to the Iranian election. However, what was surprising was the comparable balance of tweets focused between the Iran Election and the newly announced co-project between Jimmy Choo  and H&M. After reading Mashable’s blog post on the intense use of Twitter surrounding the Iran elections, I decided to do a quick comparison of my own, using Twist.

It turns out that the Iran election received a whopping 222,000 tweets in it’s top hour on Tuesday, comprising 2% of all Twitter traffic that day!  Perhaps even more surprising is the fact the H&M received nearly half that on Wednesday (still “today” for some of you!), comprising 1% of the daily Twitter traffic.

Take from that what you will, but I’m impressed on both accounts.

H&M twitter stats

iran election twitter stats

(Sorry about the low quality, but you can check H&M out here and the Iran election here.)




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