Short Version:

A perpetual city-dweller, I used to work as an urban designer. Then I moved to the EU to study the business of fashion and luxury branding. Hence EUrbanista!

Long Version:

meAfter 5 years in Corporate America, I decided it was time to follow my passion. I dropped everything (job, apartment, car) and moved to Italy to pursue an education in marketing and brand strategy in symbol-intensive industries (fashion, design, luxury, etc)… and the dolce vita.

With a background in sustainable development, I wanted to understand how the “experience” brands work, to better conceive of how they represent such a strong branded message, and eventually how they might create a more sustainable supply chain and increase demand for ethical goods (using the wow-factor inherent in the industry). And so I dove into an “investigation” in Milan.

the bike that started it allI started by riding my bicycle around the shows at fashion week, doing whatever work I could, just to learn something (lesson one: show up motivated, and anything is possible). I then went on to producing content for digital fashion marketing groups, and just earned my business degree in Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing for the Fashion, Design and Experience Industries. (I have a special love for integrated marketing in new media!) Having spent a great deal of time focusing on these industries through academics, work and hobby, I decided to put that education up on the web, in case any of you out there might be interested.

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17 10 2009
Eddie Mullon

I am currently looking to do some research on global luxury brands. Do you have time for a call?

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